What the site should do for you ...

The main aim of this website is to give you a virtual experience of using a microscope rather than just trawling through text and figures, or even a set of powerpoint slides.

The site is divided into topics, which may be worked through in any order. You can see histological slides on the pages and can turn labels on or off to help them identify features. In some cases, there is a section like a 'virtual microscope' - you can scan around a large picture using the mouse and try to identify features. This emulates as closely as possible the experience of using a microscope. We've also recently introduced a new feature, where the students can also zoom in on a slide, having identified an area of interest. Finally, there are several quizzes to try when you feel you have worked through the topic.

The site also has a glossary. When you see words looking like this, you can click on the word to see a definition.

Hey, something doesn't work!

If you find something that's broken or doesn't work as well as it should, please feel free to send bug-reports, suggestions or other comments to Steve at s.paxton@leeds.ac.uk