Question 1: The main function of the conducting portion of the respiratory system is to condition the ? (two words)



Question 2: Which structures in the lamina propria warm the inspired air?



Question 3: What specialisation do the epithelial cells of the trachea have?



Question 4: What is the name of the smooth muscle in the trachea?



Question 5: What shape are the cartilage rings that hold open the trachea?



Question 6: Which type of fibre, collagen or elastin, helps the trachea to adapt its shape during inspiration and expiration?



Question 7: Which type of cell produces surfactant? Type I or Type II pneumocytes?



Question 8: Gaseous exchange in the alveoli occurs across the endothelial cell of the capillary, and which type of pneumocyte?



Question 9: Tertiary bronchioles have a ring of cartilage or smooth muscle?



Question 10: Stimulation of which nerve causes the smooth muscle of the terminal bronchioles to contract?



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