Crossword: Epithelia

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The Clues

1 This type of epithelium has two or more layers of cells
2 simple epithelia are commonly used when ________ is important
3 The name for the type of membrane that lies underneath all epithelium, separating it from the underlying tissue
4 This type of specialisation is motile
5 These cells are found in epithelia, and are specialised for making mucus
6 This type of specialisation is found on the surface of skin, and helps in waterproofing
7 This type of epithelium has one layer of cells only
8 The cells in this type of epithelium are wider than they are tall
9 This type of epithelium is found in tissues where there is active secretion and absorption
10 This is a type of specialisation used to increase surface area for absorption
11 Epithelium do not have their own blood supply and are called _______
12 This type of epithelium is commonly found lining glands